Graves Shipwrights is based at Stretton wharf on the Oxford canal and specialises in all aspects of boat woodwork. We can provide the following services.

  • Renewing wooden bottoms and planking
  • New Gunwales and Deck beams, cants and Breastwoods 
  • Restorations and rebuilds of wooden back cabins
  • Re caulking 
  • Structural hull and deck work
  • Back cabin fit out
  • Full interior fitout
  • Skylights, hatches and doors
  • ’Elums’ and tillers
  • Top planks, cratches, masts and stands

All work is carried out with great attention given to historical accuracy and structural integrity. We work closely with the boat owner to ensure that the finished product not only meets, but exceeds their expectations. By sourcing the finest available materials and merging the best traditional techniques with some modern products we can create solutions which will be strong, beautiful and will stand the test of time.